The Complete Guide to NFL Sports Gear

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NFL football is a physically demanding sport that requires players to wear specialized gear to protect themselves from injury. cheap jerseys In this article, we will take a look at the different types of NFL sports gear that players use, including helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, and uniforms.

  • Helmets: Helmets are one of the most important pieces of equipment for NFL players. NFL jerseys cheap china They protect the head from serious injuries, such as concussions and skull fractures. NFL Jerseys Helmets are made of a hard outer shell with a soft inner padding. They also have a facemask that protects the player’s face from injury.

  • Shoulder pads: Shoulder pads protect the player’s shoulders, chest, and ribs from injury. They are made of a hard outer shell with a soft inner padding. Shoulder pads also have straps that go around the player’s body to keep them in place.

  • Cleats: Cleats are shoes that have metal spikes on the bottom. They help players to grip the ground and prevent them from slipping. Cleats are especially important for playing on wet or muddy fields.

  • Uniforms: Uniforms are the clothing that NFL players wear during games. They are made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that helps to keep players cool. Uniforms also have the player’s name and number on them.


NFL sports gear is essential for protecting players from injury. Helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, and uniforms all play an important role in keeping players safe.

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